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Pogona is a genus of reptiles containing six lizard species which are often known by the common name bearded dragons. The name 'bearded dragon' refers to the underside of the throat (or 'beard') of the lizard, which can turn black and puff out for a number of reasons, most often as a result of stress, or if they feel threatened. They are a semi-arboreal species, spending significant amounts of time on branches, in bushes, and near human habitation. Pogona species bask on rocks and exposed branches in the mornings and afternoons. Their diet consists primarily of insects, vegetation, and occasionally small rodents. They are found throughout much of Australia and inhabit a wide range of environments, such as deserts, shrublands and Eucalyptus woodlands. Description The genus Pogona is in the subfamily Amphibolurinae of the lizard family Agamidae. Bearded dragons are characterized by their broad, triangular heads, flattened bodies, and rows and clusters of spiny scales covering their entire bodies. When threatened, bearded dragons will puff up their bodies and beards to ward off predators and make their somewhat dull spikes more dangerous. Bearded dragons display a hand-waving gesture to show submission (most often when acknowledging another bearded dragon's territory), and a head-bobbing display to show dominance between dragons.

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