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Miscellaneous Debris is an EP of five cover songs by Primus, released on March 12, 1992. The EP is the first release by the band to feature Les Claypool playing his now-famous fretless six-string Carl Thompson bass, nicknamed the 'Rainbow Bass'. Reception = Critical reception =In his review for AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine describes the EP as 'Primus' best release'. He notes that the band 'plays actual songs instead of sketching out a few ideas as an excuse for jamming', which means that 'Miscellaneous Debris isn't as weird and alienating as previous albums', concluding that the band's covers 'show flashes of brilliance, largely due to the loose yet focused musicianship. '= Chart performance =Miscellaneous Debris peaked at #69 on the Australian ARIA singles chart in May 1994. Although the EP never charted on the Billboard 200, its sole single 'Making Plans for Nigel' peaked at #30 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart February 15, 1992. Track listing Credits Writing, performance and production credits are adapted from the album liner notes.

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