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Paper is a thin sheet material produced by mechanically or chemically processing cellulose fibres derived from wood, rags, grasses or other vegetable sources in water, draining the water through fine mesh leaving the fibre evenly distributed on the surface, followed by pressing and drying. Although paper was originally made in single sheets by hand, almost all is now made on large machinessome making reels 10 metres wide, running at 2, 000 metres per minute and up to 600, 000 tonnes a year. It is a versatile material with many uses, including printing, packaging, decorating, writing, cleaning, filter paper, wallpaper, book endpaper, conservation paper, laminated worktops, toilet tissue, currency and security paper and a number of industrial and construction processes. The papermaking process developed in east Asia, probably China, at least as early as 105 CE, by the Han court eunuch Cai Lun, although the earliest archaeological fragments of paper derive from the 2nd century BCE in China. The modern pulp and paper industry is global, with China leading its production and the United States following. The oldest known archaeological fragments of the immediate precursor to modern paper date to the 2nd century BCE in China. The pulp papermaking process is ascribed to Cai Lun, a 2nd-century CE Han court eunuch. It has been said that knowledge of papermaking was passed to the Islamic world after the Battle of Talas in 751 CE when two Chinese papermakers were captured as prisoners. Although the veracity of this story is uncertain, paper started to be made in Samarkand soon after. In the 13th century, the knowledge and uses of paper spread from the Middle East to medieval Europe, where the first water-powered paper mills were built. Because paper was introduced to the West through the city of Baghdad, it was first called bagdatikos.

  • Shroud Flat Solid Letter Books PNG Image
    Shroud Flat Solid Letter Books
    Resolution: 733x720
    Size: 138.78KB
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  • Documents Newsprint Brochure Tabloid PNG Image
    Documents Newsprint Brochure Tabloid
    Resolution: 600x600
    Size: 61.70KB
    Downloads: 17
  • Linen Publication Bed Sheet Flat PNG Image
    Linen Publication Bed Sheet Flat
    Resolution: 850x1100
    Size: 171.77KB
    Downloads: 3
  • Brochure Notes Canvass Book PNG Image
    Brochure Notes Canvass Book
    Resolution: 765x975
    Size: 12.09KB
    Downloads: 7
  • Article Composition Brochure Shroud PNG Image
    Article Composition Brochure Shroud
    Resolution: 871x939
    Size: 1.55MB
    Downloads: 15
  • Canvas Linen Publication Backgrounder PNG Image
    Canvas Linen Publication Backgrounder
    Resolution: 1100x850
    Size: 159.77KB
    Downloads: 14
  • Newspaper Publisher Papermaking Piece Of PNG Image
    Newspaper Publisher Papermaking Piece Of
    Resolution: 1280x857
    Size: 215.72KB
    Downloads: 7
  • Book Tack Piece Of Paper PNG Image
    Book Tack Piece Of Paper
    Resolution: 1705x2400
    Size: 30.17KB
    Downloads: 9
  • Page Sail Table Spreadsheet PNG Image
    Page Sail Table Spreadsheet
    Resolution: 489x357
    Size: 256.11KB
    Downloads: 25
  • Newspapers Writing Tarp Page PNG Image
    Newspapers Writing Tarp Page
    Resolution: 650x400
    Size: 63.20KB
    Downloads: 21
  • Letter Backgrounder Log Flat Solid PNG Image
    Letter Backgrounder Log Flat Solid
    Resolution: 400x400
    Size: 62.63KB
    Downloads: 18
  • Sail Document Piece Weather Sheet PNG Image
    Sail Document Piece Weather Sheet
    Resolution: 1000x1000
    Size: 386.86KB
    Downloads: 15
  • Print Linen Tabloid Table PNG Image
    Print Linen Tabloid Table
    Resolution: 1030x596
    Size: 223.83KB
    Downloads: 22
  • Pamphlet Brochure Tarp Rag PNG Image
    Pamphlet Brochure Tarp Rag
    Resolution: 700x700
    Size: 198.61KB
    Downloads: 16
  • Canvass Book Article Report PNG Image
    Canvass Book Article Report
    Resolution: 512x512
    Size: 9.75KB
    Downloads: 12
  • Shroud Plates Tabloid Chart PNG Image
    Shroud Plates Tabloid Chart
    Resolution: 800x565
    Size: 141.20KB
    Downloads: 11
  • Hardcopy Canvas Writing Blanket PNG Image
    Hardcopy Canvas Writing Blanket
    Resolution: 500x500
    Size: 99.87KB
    Downloads: 7
  • Wallpaper Article Papers Log PNG Image
    Wallpaper Article Papers Log
    Resolution: 612x792
    Size: 63.89KB
    Downloads: 5
  • Notes Tabloid Newspapers Papers PNG Image
    Notes Tabloid Newspapers Papers
    Resolution: 800x800
    Size: 586.98KB
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  • Papers Newspapers Literature Tack PNG Image
    Papers Newspapers Literature Tack
    Resolution: 545x570
    Size: 275.09KB
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  • Copy Linen Composition Bed Sheet PNG Image
    Copy Linen Composition Bed Sheet
    Resolution: 800x800
    Size: 38.51KB
    Downloads: 18
  • Brochure Linen Composition Hardcopy PNG Image
    Brochure Linen Composition Hardcopy
    Resolution: 680x340
    Size: 57.41KB
    Downloads: 18
  • Pulp Hardcopy Spreadsheet Shroud PNG Image
    Pulp Hardcopy Spreadsheet Shroud
    Resolution: 1200x630
    Size: 61.29KB
    Downloads: 10
  • Tablecloth Printout Canvas Stationery PNG Image
    Tablecloth Printout Canvas Stationery
    Resolution: 512x512
    Size: 18.98KB
    Downloads: 22
  • Bulletin Mainsheet Textbook Backgrounder PNG Image
    Bulletin Mainsheet Textbook Backgrounder
    Resolution: 400x400
    Size: 3.38KB
    Downloads: 5
  • Pamphlet Composition Bulletin Newspaper PNG Image
    Pamphlet Composition Bulletin Newspaper
    Resolution: 512x512
    Size: 3.43KB
    Downloads: 8
  • Bulletin Worksheet Sheet Of Paper PNG Image
    Bulletin Worksheet Sheet Of Paper
    Resolution: 600x377
    Size: 67.01KB
    Downloads: 22
  • Bulletin Books Fibreboard Ink PNG Image
    Bulletin Books Fibreboard Ink
    Resolution: 512x512
    Size: 170.53KB
    Downloads: 14
  • Printout Pamphlet Tarp Paper PNG Image
    Printout Pamphlet Tarp Paper
    Resolution: 2400x1530
    Size: 92.68KB
    Downloads: 3
  • Stationery Letter Article Book PNG Image
    Stationery Letter Article Book
    Resolution: 592x428
    Size: 127.11KB
    Downloads: 21
  • Plates Worksheet Canvass Tarp PNG Image
    Plates Worksheet Canvass Tarp
    Resolution: 512x512
    Size: 13.39KB
    Downloads: 22
  • Newspaper Literature Manuscript Book PNG Image
    Newspaper Literature Manuscript Book
    Resolution: 650x651
    Size: 96.95KB
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  • Stationery Letter Flat Solid Newsprint PNG Image
    Stationery Letter Flat Solid Newsprint
    Resolution: 640x332
    Size: 39.90KB
    Downloads: 6
  • Journal Stationery Rag Pamphlet PNG Image
    Journal Stationery Rag Pamphlet
    Resolution: 524x302
    Size: 22.67KB
    Downloads: 20
  • Bulletin Composition Table Newsprint PNG Image
    Bulletin Composition Table Newsprint
    Resolution: 1795x1675
    Size: 38.13KB
    Downloads: 8
  • Spreadsheet Article Theme Magazine PNG Image
    Spreadsheet Article Theme Magazine
    Resolution: 800x800
    Size: 67.14KB
    Downloads: 8
  • Ink Books Paper Report PNG Image
    Ink Books Paper Report
    Resolution: 601x654
    Size: 101.00KB
    Downloads: 12
  • Booklet Laminate Newsprint Canvas PNG Image
    Booklet Laminate Newsprint Canvas
    Resolution: 1024x768
    Size: 444.03KB
    Downloads: 19
  • Weather Sheet Theme Paper Spreadsheet PNG Image
    Weather Sheet Theme Paper Spreadsheet
    Resolution: 1177x900
    Size: 161.61KB
    Downloads: 9
  • Literature Tarpaulin Bed Sheet Folio PNG Image
    Literature Tarpaulin Bed Sheet Folio
    Resolution: 600x600
    Size: 101.27KB
    Downloads: 13