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Jackie Chan Adventures is a Hong Kong-American animated comedy television series, created by John Rogers, Duane Capizzi and Jeff Kline, and produced by Sony Pictures Television (originally as Columbia TriStar Television for the first three seasons). The cartoon series premiered on September 9, 2000, and ran for five seasons until its conclusion on July 8, 2005. The series focuses on a fictionalized version of Hong Kong action film star Jackie Chan, who operates in life as an archaeologist and special agent, combatting threats that are mainly magical and supernatural based on real-life mythologies and supernatural stories from Asia and around the world with the aid of his family and close friends. Many of the episodes created for Jackie Chan Adventures featured references to Chan's actual works, with the actor making live-action appearances in the form of an interview situation, answering questions about his life and work. The series was aired in the United States on Kids' WB, with re-runs aired on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block, as well as Cartoon Network. The series proved a success on children's television, including abroad, leading to the creation of a toy franchise and two video games based on the series. Premise Jackie Chan Adventures is set within an alternate Earth in which magic and supernatural forces exist but are unknown to much of humanity - these include demons, ghosts, spirits, spells and various creatures and gods. Although the series focuses mostly on those from Asia, primarily Chinese mythology and folklore, it also includes those from other locations in the world, including Europe and Central America. In the animated series, the actor Jackie Chan exists in this setting as a professional archaeologist with a high degree of martial combat skill, who is forced to accept the fact that magic and the supernatural exists when uncovers a talisman in an artifact that possess magical powers sought out by a criminal organization. Throughout the series, Chan is aided by his close family, including his uncle and his niece Jade, and his close friend Captain Black head of a secret law enforcement organization codenamed 'Section 13' alongside additional allies introduced over the course of the series.

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