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A people is any plurality of persons considered as a whole. Used in politics and law it is a term to refer to the collective or community of an ethnic group, a nation, to the public or common mass of people of a polity. As such it is a concept of human rights law, international law as well as constitutional law, particularly used for claims of popular sovereignty. Legal concept Chapter One, Article One of the Charter of the United Nations states that 'peoples' have the right to self-determination. Though the mere status as peoples and the right to self-determination, as for example in the case of Indigenous peoples (peoples, as in all peoples of indigenous people, not merely all indigenous persons as in indigenous people), does not automatically provide for independent sovereignty. Particularly through international Indigenous peoples rights, it was defined what a people constitutes (e. g. shared culture etc. ). Constitutional use Both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire used the Latin term Senatus Populusque Romanus, (the Senate and People of Rome). This term was fixed abbreviated (SPQR) to Roman legionary standards, and even after the Roman Emperors achieved a state of total personal autarchy, they continued to wield their power in the name of the Senate and People of Rome. The term People's Republic, used since late modernity, is a name used by states, which particularly identify constitutionally with a form of socialism.

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    Citizenry Tourists Canadians Masses
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    Mass Lives Compatriots Customers
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    Citizenry Nationals Mourners Countrymen
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    Seniors Crowds Live Members
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    Clients Officers Students People
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    Seniors Individuals Compatriots Reside
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    Crowds Viewers Patients Refugees
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