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Saly (also called Sali or Saly Portudal) is a seaside resort area in This Region on the Petite Cte of Senegal, south of Dakar. It is the top tourist destination in all of West Africa and has the status of a commune. Saly was originally a Portuguese trading post known as Porto de Ale, which became Portudal, and later Sali Portudal. On February 24, 1984, the resort was created on a previously unoccupied tract of land near the former trading post. It was about this time that tourism began to take off in Senegal. Administration Saly is part of M'bour, This. Flora The resort is located on a sandy beach lined with coconut palm trees. Population The population is difficult to quantify because of the constant stream of tourists in and out of the area as well as the number of temporary residents. It has been suggested that an average of 20, 000 people live in the area at any given time. The resident population was counted at 29, 945 in the 2013 census.

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