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Dam Ducky Facebookpet Dolphin PNG Image

Duck, Duck, Goose (also called Duck, Duck, Gray Duck or Daisy in the Dell or Quail, Quail, Quarry sometimes in New Jersey and New England) is a traditional children's game often first learned in preschool or kindergarten. The game may be later adapted on the playground for early elementary students. The object of this game is to walk in a circle, tapping on each player's head until one is finally chosen, the chosen player must then chase the picker to avoid becoming the next picker. Basic concept A group of players sits in a circle, facing inward, while another player, who is 'it', walks around tapping or pointing to each player in turn, calling each a 'duck' until finally calling one a 'goose', which designates the chosen player as the chaser. The chaser (goose) then stands and tries to tag the chasee (it), while the chasee tries to return to and sit where the chaser had been sitting before. If the chasee (it) succeeds, the chaser (goose) becomes the chasee and the process begins again. If the chaser (goose) tags the chasee (it), the chaser (goose) may return to their previous spot and the original chase (it) restarts the process. Variations = Kiss in the Ring or Drop Handkerchief =In this version of the game, as described by the British folklorist Alice Gomme in 1894, the picker touches the shoulder of each person in the ring with a handkerchief saying 'not you', 'not you', until the picker reaches the desired chaser, places the handkerchief on the person's shoulder, and says 'but you'. The picker then runs around the outside of the circle pursued by the chaser. Once the chaser catches the picker, the chaser is entitled to lead the picker into the centre of the ring and claim a kiss.

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The size of the Dam Ducky Facebookpet Dolphin is 858.87KB.

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The resolution of the Dam Ducky Facebookpet Dolphin is 1084x1084.

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