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What Is PNG Images (In Simple Terms)?

Portable Network Graphics or commonly known as PNG images is single-image format, supports loss less image comparison, means no data and image quality will lose while viewing and saving the images. It is developed to replace GIF i.e. Graphic Interchange Format. PNG images are easier to use than any other image format as the background could be easily removed in PNG format and display transparent background. The reason PNG format is widely used as it includes many features, it is easy to control colour pallets, background opacity, image quality in the format.

Is PNG better than other image format?

There are umpteen advantages of PNG format. The image doesn't lose its quality if the image is compressed as it supports the higher compression rate and take less space than GIF. It is also suitable for different types of digital graphics as it has a number of colour options. Its main advantage is that there will be no losing of quality when the image is saved every time and is suitable for editing images. It is most suitable for high-contrast images and supports transparency. PNG images do not have copyright issues that is why it is given preference over other image formats and it is faster to download.

PNG over other formats?

JPEG file is mostly used with PNG or say they are the most common file format. JPEG i.e. Joint Photographic Experts Group, is also consume less space and can be easily upload and downloaded. But the disadvantage with JPEG is that it is lossy, when compress it or save, it will lose its image quality. It is also not preferred with simple graphics, like computer graphics and for images with less colours. But PNG format is not always appropriate. It is not suitable for bigger files as it does not compress large file size. It only supported digital images and not suitable for high-quality print graphics.

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